Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Christmas Break

We've definitely taken advantage of the unseasonably warm weather to play outside with Tillie. I'm not sure that she'll ever understand that she is not going to come inside.

She has started laying on the front porch because the chair I sit is on right next to that window. Every few minutes she sits up, whines, and gives me the saddest eyes you've ever seen to entice me to come out and play with her.

Well, that's our baby girl. She's starting to like to have her picture taken. However, I think she just wants to lick the camera.

Christmas break has been good for us. Christina has had meetings this week and then class begins next Monday. I been back the the church office this week after having last week off for the holidays. Lots of awesome things are ahead of us. I'll keep things updated here.

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