Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bath Time

She has started to really enjoy bath time.

Of course, I had to censor this for her well being when she's is older.

Bath time gets her pretty worn out. Here, she passed out on the Boppy.


Heather said...

Isabella always loved her baths--and still does. Looks like we can say the same about your cupcake :) She's absolutely beautiful; those lips are every girl's dream!

Brady said...

Yes, thank you for censoring this. BTW- were're back!

Life at the Smith's said...

I Can't wait to see her in person!! She is beautiful guys. And yes I agree with Heather those lips are every girls dreams! They probably make the best kisses too! Cant wait to see her.
Check my blog out too, Take care, and see ya soon! Love you Kelly & Steve and the kids