Sunday, November 23, 2008

Not So Lazy Sunday Afternoons

We all enjoyed our Sunday afternoon. We got home from church and grocery shopping and just played around for a while. We started cleaning on the house later and Carissa loves to be in the carrier with one of us while we clean. Like this photo (but that's not from today and Christina isn't technically cleaning):

Anyways, she cleaned a bathroom with Christina and then she picked up and vacuumed the family room with me. After that I was pretty tired of carrying her around (I know, Christina carried her for 9 months; but she wasn't 15 lbs either). So I took her out and layed her on the jungle play mat. I walked out of the room and two minutes later, Christina finds her like this (well, with out the blanket; we added that).

Apparently, cleaning is tiresome for a baby too.
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