Friday, September 25, 2009

Four Weeks

Some of you may know that I have Crohn's Disease. If you don't know what that is, my short decription has always been that my intestines hate me. I've dealt with not so pleasent symptoms on and off since 2001 but I've been on various medications to attempt to control these symptoms. I've had my ups and downs these past eight years, but I give credit to my parents, Christina and ultimately God for getting me through it all.

Anyways, every four weeks this is me.

Just a little I.V. and two hours time.

The nurses have always been nice and usually talkative. Today, my nurse asked me my job. After I told her I was an assoc. pastor, she excitedly told me about a ministry she's starting at her church, a group for gays and family/friends of gays. How awesome is that? It's inconvienent to get this treatment, but that made today worth it.

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