Monday, December 21, 2009


This is Granny, Carissa's great-grandmother, and Christina's maternal grandmother. She was so excited when Carissa was born. She drove down the next day (Carissa was born around 7pm) to see her in the hospital in this picture.

She passed away this past Saturday after a rather unexpected heart attack. Some of you knew and have been praying for us and Christina's family. We appreciate that so much. It has made the holidays interesting, but we're spending it with more family that we ever would have planned which is really special.

She was a pretty cool lady. You always knew what Granny thought. She was very proud of her family, especially the great-grand kids (she has nine). She survived breast cancer. But, most of all, she loved God and her church family.

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6girlsdaddy said...

Nathan and Christina, so sorry about your loss. I'm praying for you guys.