Monday, January 31, 2011

Bald Eagles

A week ago, Christina had a training event in Springfield as part of her role as advisor for the ZTA chapter at Missouri S&T. Carissa and I got to spend the day hanging out while we waited for her. We had donuts at Krispy Kreme and looked at all the fish tanks at Bass Pro. As we were driving around town I noticed signs for 'eagle viewing' and started to follow them. We ended up at Lake Springfield where the MO Dept. of Conservation was hosting an eagle viewing event. 

I was not prepared to look for an eagle or two across a lake, so I cheated and drove to the other side of the lake in a neighborhood and drove around until I actually saw the eagle:


That's my best shot. The back of his head from out of a car window. Carissa didn't even see it, of course. I didn't feel like tromping around in someone else's backyard for a better angle with a 2 year-old in tow. But it was still fun. I would love to do it again, albeit, slightly better prepared. 

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