Saturday, October 8, 2011

Post #nwlr Fun Part 2

Our destination yesterday on our short trip down the Blue Ridge Parkway was Devils Courthouse. That's the rock outcropping at the upper left. It was a pretty steep, 1/2 mile hike to the top. Carissa actually walked quite a bit of it, but ended up on my shoulders the rest of the way (I'm submitting this to "Dad of the Year"). 

Carissa got a little tired on the way up (after riding on my shoulders most of that time), so we took a little break. 

With the help of our daughter, we actually got a picture of us :)

That's where we parked (in the lower right).

On our way back we stopped at a few places to take pictures of Looking Glass Rock. When it's wet or covered with ice, it shines like glass.

There was also a pretty nice looking waterfall that you could hike down to but we all pretty exhausted from our previous hiking trip.

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