Wednesday, September 1, 2010

He's Been Released!

My dad was released from the hospital today. Praise Jesus! They got a good report from the angiogram and have a follow-up appointment scheduled in several days. Hopefully then, they can find out when they can come home. Mom and Dad are both very excited to be have him out of the hospital. They are hoping to spend his birthday in a few days at lion park nearby Johannesburg.

**UPDATE** AUG 20 8:00AM
Mom and dad continue to enjoy their time together now that he is out of the hospital. The were planning a day around town today and then a trip to the lion park tomorrow on my dad's birthday. Monday is his follow-up appointment so please pray with us that they will release him to fly home.

**UPDATE** AUG 26 8:50AM
There hasn't been much to update on the past several days. Dad continues to do well and they are attempting to find interesting things to do to keep themselves busy. They had a blast at the lions park for dad's birthday. He got bumped from his follow-up appointment and they aren't sure when it will be rescheduled right now. So they continue to wait. Please pray for patience and perseverance for them. They obviously want dad to get as healthy as possible before they fly home, but they badly miss everyone and want to be home as soon as possible.

**UPDATE** AUG 27 2:35PM
Dad has an follow-up appointment for Monday, after he was bumped from his appointment last Monday.  Sunday will mark six weeks that they've been gone and Tuesday will mark five weeks since he had the aneurysm. Needless to say, they are ready to come home. They are praying this weekend (and asking us to joint them) that the doctor would declare my dad fit-to-fly on Monday. Please do join us in that prayer.

**UPDATE** SEP 1 8:00AM
It's official. My parents will be home Thursday morning! They leave Johannesburg tonight (about 1pm our time) and get to St. Louis the next morning. Thank you all so much for your prayers, encouragement and financial support. Please continue to prayer for safe flights and an easy adjustment back to life here.

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