Saturday, January 16, 2010

About Our New Home

Some of you know this already, but the previous owners of the house were the Wilson family.

Wade was the senior pastor at Vineyard in Rolla until 2007 when his family, along with a few other people, left for La Crosse, WI to plant a church.

Wade and Lynne had the house built back in 1998. God blessed them so much with this house by loving on people using their house. I got to pray with them yesterday before they went back to Wisconsin and we prayed that God would continue to bless this house and that we would be able to love people with the house just the same.

The coolest thing about the house is in the basement. In the closet under the stairs, the Wilson's recorded the heights of their four children as they grew up on the door jam. It is going to be awesome to add Carissa's height along side theirs.

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Mandy Ourth said...

That is so awesome! Congrats!