Monday, January 4, 2010

A look back at 2009 and a look ahead to 2010

I've learned something interesting about you who visit the site. There is a huge dip in traffic in the summer, but it picked back up in the fall. My best guess is that you all don't like the cold :)

Here's a question for you:
Do you regularly follow this blog or any others? Are you constantly on Facebook stalking me or someone else to see what we're up to? :)

 Make your life easier with Google Reader!

Welcome 2010 with a kick in the face by subscribing to this blog and more and using Google Reader to keep up. You can even subscribe to news sites like CCN, Fox, or even your local news station. Here's a view of my reader.

If this is the only blog you read (I would encourage more though like this one or this one), another option is to sign up for email updates. See below.

So sign up today!

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