Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pray for Larry

Please pray for my dad.

He and my mom, Beth, left the US on July 18 on a missions trip to Malawi. For the past several days my dad has been incapacitated by a terrible headache. Then, last night, my mom woke up and he was not breathing well and was unresponsive. After several hours, he began breathing fine and could talk. They have just arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa to get medical care. At the this time, the doctors suspect malaria. He is stable and walked from the plane but still very weak.

Please pray for God's continued blessing as they seek medical care, God's healing for my father, and ultimately, travel home safely to the US. They were schedule to begin their return this Friday.

**UPDATE** 11:50AM JULY 28
My dad has been admitted into Sunninghill Hospital just outside Johannesburg. He's headed to have a CT scan while my mom works on the admitting paperwork. A Baptist missionary nurse has met up with my mom to help them through the process.

**UPDATE** 1:45PM JULY 28
First, my dad is awake and responding really well. I got to talk to him on the phone for a minute. The results of the scan showed that he had a subarachnoid hemorrage, a form of stroke. It is a flat out miracle that he made it those several days putting up with the headache and traveled to South Africa for treatment. Praise Jesus! They will scan again tomorrow to see if they need to do surgery or other treatment options. The hospital they are at is a great facility and can do whatever is necessary. Their travel home is on hold until he is released from the hospital. Thank you for your prayers!

**UPDATE** 1:30PM JULY 29
I've talked to my mom again today. They've done a few more scans and the doctor is waiting to meet with the radiologist to determine treatment or the need for different scans. One thing that is for sure now is that my parents will be in Johannesburg for several more weeks than they intended. Mom has been hooked up with a great Baptist mission organization for housing and they are even helping her travel back and forth to the hospital. Please continue to pray for my dad's health and also for divine assistance when it comes to dealing with insurance companies. They do have travel insurance that is covering all of this for now, but you know how insurance companies are :) They appreciate all of your prayers and have felt God's presence every step of the way.

**UPDATE** 7:35AM AUG 1
I spoke with my mom late yesterday and the doctors have decided to hold off on additional tests until Tuesday to give my dad's brain time to settle down. It is still reacting to the trauma it has received. My dad is having issues with back and shoulder spasms from laying down this long. Please pray those would stop and God would take away any discomfort. Thanks again for all your prayers and support!

**UPDATE** 1:55PM AUG 2
Today was an interesting day for my mom. This morning she was told she needed $20,000 cash, now. It was very tough news to hear. However, after some phone calls and some help from Sen. Bond's office, the money issue was taken care of. The doctors have decided it is in my dad's best interest to not do any more tests. At this point, they believe that he is recovering well enough on his own and doesn't need any procedure. The risk of any side effects isn't worth the test. So at this point we need to pray for a quick recovery. If my dad can recover enough (improved walking, speaking, eating, etc...) they would move him out of intensive care and to a room that my mom could spend more time with him. They have had him up and walking around the hallways but he is still very weak. Thank you for your continued prayers.


Mandy O said...

Thanks for updating, Nathan. I keep sending your updates to Paul at work.

gsloman83 said...

Praying for your dad & his doctors.

Gillian from The Haas Machine said...

john & i are praying for you all. love you guys!

Nathan said...

Thanks guys. We really appreciate it!

John Schaefer said...

Nathan, thanks for all these updates. Please tell your mom we're praying for Uncle Larry and for all of you.

ljsmith57 said...

We have just returned home from a week in Kentucky at church camp. I just found out about your Dad. We are praying for your dad and mom. We love you all so much.
God Bless you all,
Laura & Mike Smith
If we can help here at home please let us know.

Unknown said...

Your whole family is in our has to be hard to not be able to be there to support them in person. Faith will make all the difference.

Cheri said...

Praying for your Mom & Dad and the whole family. Thanks for for the updates.

ljsmith57 said...

So glad to hear that your Dad is making steps to recovery. You are amazing for working on getting financial relief for your Mom. I know that took a lot of worry of her mind.
God is good all the time.
Laura & Mike Smith
Jefferson City

Anonymous said...

Nathan, please know that your Southridge family is praying for your Dad and Mom. the Thompsons

Anonymous said...

Still praying for your Dad and Mom. Haven't heard anything in a couple of days so hoping that means things are going well. Praying they'll be home soon!
Gale Schaffner

Anonymous said...

Beth & Larry, you've been in our prayers ever since we heard of the headaches.Now the whole family is in our prayers too. God is in Control and He has been Faithful. He will continue to be Faithful! Love in Christ "old" Southridge members, Paul & Sharon Fowler

Anonymous said...

Beth's Lewis and Clark Middle School family is praying for you all. Take care and may the Lord strengthen you.

Scott Blake