Monday, August 16, 2010

Please Keep Praying

Thank you all so much for your continued prayers and support. It has been such a blessing to our whole family during this time knowing that there are friends, neighbors, and co-workers praying for my dad. A few have asked for an address to send cards. Remember though, it can take 10-14 days by snail mail. You can send correspondence to my mother at:

Beth & Larry Ayres
c/o Stan Dickard
PO Box 1759
Edenvale 1610
Johannesburg, South Africa

Also, my parents stay in Africa is obviously extended 2-3 weeks or more than intended. At this point, medical expenses seemed to be covered by the travel insurance but my mom is incurring expenses for housing, food, and other necessities. If you would like to help them financially, I have set up a fund at my church (Vineyard - Rolla). Please mail any donations, made out to "Vineyard Church" but marked "Ayres Family" to:

Vineyard Church
PO Box 1213
Rolla, MO 65402

Luckily, my mom has her bank card and we can get them money without any outrageous finance charges.

Thank you again. We love our dad very much and pray with you for God's gracious healing for him.

**UPDATE** AUG 4 10:10PM
The plan is that my dad will be moved out of intensive care tomorrow and to more of a "recovery" type room. My mom will be able to spend a lot more time with him and even take him out of his room around the hospital. He has been up out of bed the past several days and making amazing progress. God is doing a great work here. Thank you all!

**UPDATE** AUG 7 3:15PM
My dad continues to get better. He has been out of intensive care for several days now and walks and talks better each day. It's a holiday Monday so if Dad continues to get stronger, he may be released from the hospital Tuesday! He will have to remain in the country until he is released to fly which could be one or several more weeks. Thanks so much for your continued prayers.

**UPDATE** AUG 8 9:30PM
Dad had another great day with my mom. The doctor intends to release him Tuesday and has given an estimate of 2 - 3 weeks after that to be released to fly home. Dad even joked with the doctor about finding a cargo ship to hitch a ride home :) My mom wants everyone to know how thankful they both are for all of your prayers. They have felt and seen evidence of those prayers every day.

**UPDATE** AUG 10 12:30PM
Dad wasn't released from the hospital today. The doctor has been battling with the insurance company over care. Please pray that the insurance company would work with the doctors better. Mom and dad are very confident in the doctors there so the insurance company's behavior is disappointing. Dad was sad that he couldn't get out but I'm glad he's feeling well enough to be upset about it. Thanks everyone!

**UPDATE** AUG 11 3:30PM
Mom called today and continues to see great improvement in my dad. Each day he is walking and talking better. Today, they got outside the hospital to walk around and after a few laps around the hospital, dad was pooped. It's amazing to see each day how far he's come from having a seizure and being unconscious from the aneurysm. Keep praying for continued healing and recovery!

**UPDATE** AUG 12 11:30PM
Dad got to go on a "picnic" today with my mom. The doctor told them they could leave during the day to go spend time together back at the room my mom has been staying at. So they got drive over there, spend lunch together and watch some Dr. Phil (apparently both Dr. Phil and Oprah play in South Africa). They both enjoyed the time together very much. They continue to wait day to day for dad to be released from the hospital. They received several of your cards today and we're excited to get them. Thank you so much for taking the time to send those! Several have sent money too. I'll be depositing $475 for them tomorrow. Thank you so much! Please continue to pray for his vision. He struggles with double vision at times. But God continues to be good!

**UPDATE** AUG 15 9:30AM
I got to talk to dad for a bit this morning. He sounded so good. Right now the doctor is allowing him to leave the hospital during the day to spend time with my mom. They plan to do an angiogram on Monday or Tuesday so please be praying against any complication with that procedure. Hopefully, a couple days after the angiogram, he will be released from the hospital to rest in country for a few weeks more before coming home.

**UPDATE** AUG 16 2:00PM
Dad had the angiogram today and things went really well. They don't have the results yet but the doctor was pleased with quality of pictures he got. Tomorrow will mark three weeks my dad has been in the hospital and both of my parents are feeling the strain of that. Please pray with us that he will be released very soon and that the angiogram will show nothing but a healthy brain [aside from evidence that my dad has a strange sense of humor :)].

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